Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Again with the Moving

So, remember when I said I hate moving. Well, apparently I wasn't quite done. My husband and I decided to vacate former east Germany in favor of a more centrally located city, namely Cologne, Germany. If you wish to read a post about the challenges the city endures, you can read my post here. We have both been very happy with the move, and while I did have to give up most of my work connections in Dresden and Leipzig, Berlin is still only a four hour train ride away. So, hopefully this will be the last move for a long time, as there are ample work opportunities for both my husband and me in Cologne. We have been here for two months, and work for me is already starting to roll in.

I have spent the last several months distilling my dissertation into 2500 words for a Dutch bassoon journal. This was quite the challenge, particularly since I changed my opinion on one of my main points. I wrote my dissertation in 2012, and with the publication of Jim Kopp's book on the Bassoon (an excellent book, even if I do disagree with him on a few points) he started me thinking about a few points, which eventually led me in a different direction. My dissertation topic remains the same, the development and use of the bassoon in 17th century France. If any of you readers are interested in reading my article, send me a twitter message or a message through my website.

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